Interrock Services:

Retaining walls: Interrock designs and constructs many different types of retaining walls. Retaining walls can be installed for the purpose of retaining a bank and building garden beds lawns. and patios. Interrock builds from natural products and concrete products. Natural stone walls are an art first need to dig out a location, then prep a level base and finally take time to carve and fit stones for a quality and complete product. Concrete products are pre- made and require a level base and then the can be stacked to appropriate height. Any wall built over 4 ft. require and engineered system to completed.


Driveways: Interrock designs and constructs driveways. We believe that a Interlock driveways can be affordable and are beautiful. Pavers can be laid in many different formations. To prevent weeds and shifting we recommend a polymeric sand installation. To help keep the paver stones from corroding we also recommend sealing the driveway every two- three years.


Walkways: Interrock designs and constructs walkways. Natural stone and concrete products are available. We take consideration of slope differences and water control,  The walkways are built with quality and reliblity. We build all year round for the clients convenience

Patios: Interrock concludes that  patios are a great place for rest and relaxation. This is a main part for your backyard paradise. We design and build from many different flagstones, pavers, and hydropressed slabs. Patios are excellent for outdoor dinning, resting on a relaxing lawn chairs and hammocks, BBQs, outdoor fireplaces


Drainage: This is a key part of landscapes to manger water control. to reduce pooling and where land is flat, soils are dense or the water table is high, a well designed drainage system is a priority. Without proper drainage solutions in place, water may collect to damage structures and drown expensive plants, turning parts of your new landscape into perpetually wet swamps. This can be the most important issue to a landscape architect due to this potential for damage. Backyard drainage may also be overlooked entirely by a designer poorly trained in grading and drainage.


 Excavation/ skid steer: Interrock has over 10 years of machine experience. We specialize in grading, rock walls, demolition and anything that is too much hand digging :).

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